Complete Guide For Geranium Fertilization

Geraniums are plants that consume many resources because they have a long blooming period. Therefore, we must constantly provide them food. Their needs vary depending on the development phase they are in.
Fertilizers are plant nutrition, and for a potted flower that has no place to find the substances it needs for a balanced growth, fertilization is absolutely necessary.

How to fertilize geraniums
Geraniums are fertilized twice a month with complex mineral fertilizers especially designed for them. You can find these fertilizers in stores, but it’s important to read the label to know the chemical elements they contain.
Yes, this article refers only to chemical geranium fertilizers

Plant care

For young geraniums I recommend a fertilizer with a NPK 18-14-18 ratio, and as the plant develops, the amount of phosphorus (P) that we administer to the plant will drop to more than half.
For geraniums that are in the blooming, administrate a higher dose of potassium (K) that helps to maintain the size flowers. Don’t administrate too much nitrogen (N) for geraniums because the leaves will as much as the flowers.

How to fertilize geraniums with liquid fertilizers
Dilute fertilizers in water and the resulting solution feeds the plant. Always follow recommended doses on the packaging. If the resulting solution is too concentrated you risk killing the plant because you burn its roots. A too diluted solution is ineffective.

Liquid fertilizers have the advantage of acting immediately for the plant development, especially if it has a deficiency. Their retention time in the soil is small, for about 4-5 days. Some liquid fertilizers can also be administered foliar, but it’s not available for geraniums. Never spray liquid fertilizers on geraniums leaves.

High release solid fertilizers are extremely effective. They are more expensive, but for 2-3 months you won’t be concerned in fertilizing geraniums.
There are also half a year fertilizers used by producers. They are visible on the soil in pots, in the form of small balls, but can also be placed in pots around the roots. If you bought a geranium directly from the producer, ask him when it’s the last fertilization and which fertilizer he used. It’s great if you use the same formula.


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