Best Repellent Plants That Keep Aphids, Lice And Snails Away

There are several guardian plants that contain some substances, especially aromatic oils, which are the best pest repellents. Moreover, they are also able to protect certain plants around them because of the odors they release in the air.

And don’t even think about a nasty odor. On the contrary, they release a pleasant fragrance, especially lavender.

Plant care and how does the defense mechanism work?

These plants remove active substances that prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and also drive insects away. Therefore, it’s advisable to plant these flowers among the plants that need pest protection. You can create spectacular mixed ensembles in this way.

Marigolds are among the best repellent plants you can grow in the garden or on the balcony, in pots. And I’m talking about the classic variety, with small flowers and a strong specific perfume, not the big flower hybrids. They release through roots toxic substances for soil nematodes. For this reason they are also used in the green fertilizer mixtures for soil improvement.
Specialists recommend planting them next to roses, trees, shrubs and vegetables.

Calendula is in the same plant repellents category. It has the same ability to send nematodes from the soil. As a bonus, they are decorative plants.

Lavender – I think is the best repellent plant you can grow in the garden or in pots. It drives ants and lice away from the surrounding plants.

Also, Thyme has the same repellent power as lavender. It sends black aphids away and other pests that attack the leaves.

Indian cress keeps snails away and they also protect the plants around them. Indian cress has the ability to protect the trees around it. Another great super power of Indian cress is that it repels hairy plant lice.


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