Nettle Broth – Best Homemade Insecticide And Organic Fertilizer

I remember my grandma using nettle broth for her crops and houseplant. She used all sort of crazy tricks for her crops to kill pests and to make them grow beautiful. Also, I remember the balcony which was full of blooming flowers and some envious neighbors around.

Nettle broth is both a fertilizer and an organic insecticide. It helps fight lice and provides many nutrients to plants, being an important source of nitrogen. If you administrate it regularly to you crops and plants, it will protect them from dangerous pests and diseases.

Plant care

Never administrate this solution concentrated because it has a high amount of nitrogen. Dilute it first!

How to prepare nettle broth

The nettle broth is prepared from fresh cuts. Leave them to soak in a bucket of water. Ratio: use 1 pound of nettles to 3 gallons of water.

Keep the mixture for 10 days in a sunny place, but be careful because it will start to smell funny at some point.

Cover the container to prevent this.

It’s very important to mix this macerate daily.

After 10 days, pass the macerate through a fine sieve and dilute it to 1:10 ratio.


Pour this organic fertilizer directly at the plant roots. Also, you can sprinkle it over plant’s leaves weekly.

It’s mainly used as a natural fertilizer for leafy plants, not for the ones that produce flowers.

There are some restrictions for the plants that have the capacity to fix N in the ground such as vegetables.

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