Impressive Houseplants That Clean Tobacco Smoke And Remove Dangerous Pollutants

I’m pretty sure that any smoker lights his cigarette indoors, and this toxic activity will cause some real health problems for you and those around you, especially if you have children or elderly people around.

Tobacco smoke may cause poor indoor air quality due to those harmful chemical pollutants cigarette contains, such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

But, you can eliminate indoor tobacco smell and improve air quality by placing in the smoking area some plants that enjoy absorbing toxins, especially formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Peace Lily

This is the most recommended plant to eliminate tobacco odor indoors, due to its highly and glossy leaves which have the ability to absorb contaminates such as benzene and formaldehyde. Peace lily loves shady areas and you can water it once a week.

Spider Plants

These plants don’t require much attention and grow harmoniously in low-lit areas. Also, watering them once a week or every two weeks will be enough for them. Specialists say that this plant has the ability to remove 96 % of carbon monoxide, but is as highly effective in removing formaldehyde and xylene.


This beautiful blooming potted plant, besides emanating a pleasant odor it has the ability to absorb formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. This is the best option in improving indoor air quality and removing dangerous pollutants.

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow


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