Complete Care Guide For A Blooming Zamioculcas (ZZ Plant)

Zamioculcas has become a very popular plant lately. But many plant lovers don’t know how to care for these beautiful and shiny flowers. A specialist just told me some secrets that will make your Zamioculcas grow harmoniously.

Zamioculcas is a perennial succulent plant with shiny, glossy leaves. It’s true that it blossoms quite rarely, instead, the colors of the flowers are less common: from an open green to a pale brown. Such flowering can be achieved by proper plant care.

How to care for zamioculcas?

1. Prepare an ideal soil for the plant. Purchase universal soil and add a mineral-rich agent to it. For zamioculcas you can use cacti soil.

2. Use a pot with drainage holes and fill it to 1/4 with expanded clay. Place the plant in the pot and don’t water it the next three days.

3. In summer, zamioculcas is watered once every 2 weeks, but the soil must very dry.

4. Keep the plant in a bright place, away from direct sunlight.

5. Procure fertilizer for ornamental plants.

6. Zamioculul loves to be sprinkled with water. Do this every 2 weeks.

7. Once a month, it’s recommended to give the plant a bath: put the flower in the tub, cover the soil with plastic foil and sprinkle it with water.

8. An ideal option would be the sand, pearl and expanded clay substrate, which you can find in specialized stores for cacti and succulent plants.

9. The plant is propagate quite simply: remove a segment of the tuber with some of the leaves. The tuber won’t be planted too deep in the soil, basically it must be a little over the surface.

10. Zamioculcas is a plant very resistant to lack of water. Massive soil tubers and large leaves, covered with a kind of wax, keep the water inside. Respectively, the plant doesn’t need much watering. During the summer you can water the plant once every 2 weeks, in winter – once a month. The condition is that at the time of watering, the surface of the soil should be dry.

After respecting these tips you can enjoy this plant’s beauty!


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