Natural Air Freshener! How To Grow Jasmine Indoors

Jasmine is a plant that has a sweet and easy-to-recognize fragrance. How many times have you stopped off the road when you passed over a garden with a jasmine bush, just to feel more of the charming aroma of this plant?

Although jasmine usually grows better in the garden, it can also be grown indoors, in pots. Once you do that, you will completely give up using chemical room fresheners.

Grown inside, the plant blooms from early spring to winter. Its flowers open in the evening, at sunset and close at dawn.

Jasmine varieties that are most easy to maintain indoors are Jasmine Multiflora and Arabic Jasmine, and in the below lines you will know how to grow a jasmine in pots.  

Soil and environmental conditions

Jasmine is a resistant plant, not very demanding to environmental conditions. It adapts perfectly to any type of soil, but be careful that it is well drained and doesn’t retain much water.

It can be held both in a shady room and in a sunny room, and during winter it must be kept in a bright and cool room.

Careful! You have to  take care of the airflow in the house , as well as the sudden changes in temperature.


At the beginning of March and November, the plant needs abundant watering, so the soil must be always wet. Be careful not to put too much water at once, because you risk drowning the plant.

In the warm season it’s advisable to spray the water on the leaves, but be careful not to water them excessvely the buds because they will wither.

In winter, reduce the watering. It’s enough for the plant to be watered once every two to three days.


For an abundant bloom you can “nourish” the plant during spring and summer with organic fertilizer.

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