The Best Natural Pesticides To Get Rid Of Crickets

In the summer evening, while you are relaxing on your porch, crickets are the last sound you want to listen to. Even though the sound might be soothing at first, after a while, I admit, it might be quite annoying. Thus, you don’t have to go through this annoying chorus of crickets when you just want a quiet moment in the evening. There are a lot of natural pesticides that can help deter crickets and get you rid of this nuisance. Thus, keep reading and find out the best natural pesticide you can safely use in your garden to get rid of crickets.

1. You can use essential oils to keep them at bay

If you simply want to deter crickets from your garden, you can simply use essential oils such as thyme or rosemary. Making a spray with a few drops and water in a bottle, you can spray it any time you want to keep them at bay. This spray it’s great for also controlling their multiplication. However, if you want to go more extreme, you could make a spray with clove oil to effectively killing them on contact.

2. Diatomaceous earth

This is a fine powder that will make crickets cut themselves in the sharp edges of the shells. The diatomaceous earth will cause dryness on their body and they will die from dehydration. Don’t forget to also protect yourself. Inhalation of this powder might cause respiratory problems. Hence, always use a mask when spreading it in your garden.

3. Prepare a homemade pesticide

In order to make a natural pesticide, you only need a few ingredients. Thus, you can mix 10 drops of clove oil, 8 teaspoons of a liquid dish soap and 2 quarts of water in a spray bottle. Make sure you shake the bottle very well to combine those ingredients and spray in areas where you saw crickets.


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