The Complete Guide To Grow Lavender In Pots

That lovely Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) can be successfully grown in pots if you manage to create the same conditions this plant has in its natural environment. Potting soil must be alkaline, with a pH between 7-8. The plant prefers dry soils, with a large percentage of sand and gravel placed on the bottom of the pot. In order to get the right pH, use this simple trick: shred some eggshells and add them in the potting soil.

Once you have the right soil type, choose a larger pot, because this plant needs space to grow. Also, don’t forget to repot your Lavander every year in a larger pot.

Potted Lavender needs plenty of light, so it’s best to place the pot at the window. The room temperature shouldn’t drop below 50°F. When watering, use little amount of water. Overwatering may lead to root rot. Therefore, good drainage is mandatory.

For a harmonious grow, trim the old stems from time to time. Let these old stems dry, put them in small sachets and use it to refresh your clothes in the closet, protecting them from moths.
You don’t have to worry about pests because the volatile oils inside lavender are strong enough to keep insects away.

Image Credits: Gardenerspath


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