How To Keep Skunks Away From Your Property Using Non-Invasive Remedies

This smelly black and white animal has the ability to spray a fluid in self-defense. And no one wants to take contact with the stinky spray of a skunk. But what do you do when they get on your property? Because you’ll immediately find out, better said smell out that you have one installed around your home! Well, find out in this article the best ways to get rid of skunks.

1. If you don’t want to trap the skunk then you can fence your property and this way you’ll keep it away!
2. Set traps with marshmallows or cat food bait. Take into account that the skunk trap should be large 10” x 12” x 30”.
3. Predators urine that you can find on online shops. Dog and cat urine will be a great repellent to get rid of skunks. Spray around the access areas and they keep away from your garden.
4. Ammonia is one of the best options to keep skunks away. Dip some old cloths in ammonia or tennis balls, and place them around your yard and house. You’ll keep skunks at distance.
5. Moth balls placed around the access areas will send skunks far away from your lawn. They can’t stand the smell as well as we can’t stand their smell.
6. Cayenne pepper. Just like in the case of raccoons, cayenne pepper powder is very effective in keeping at long distance various pests. Use it with confidence by sprinkling it around your yard and around your house.

Another tip to prevent skunk appearance is to clean up your yard and secure all your garbage bins not to attract these smelly fellows.

How to get rid of skunk smell?
In case you face with skunk smell from unknowing reasons, just prepare a solution made from a quarter of hydrogen peroxide, a splash of dish detergent and a quarter of cup of baking soda. Apply this solution all over the skunk smell and let it act for a few minutes then wash thoroughly with water. Apply it again if it’s necessary.

Image Credits: Hgtv


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