Why You Should Build Birdhouses In The Garden

Regardless of the shape and color, these bird houses are decorative items for any garden, and also the perfect bird nest. If birds build their nests in the woods, in trees, they don’t have suitable nesting places in the garden, and the birds’ houses are a very simple way to attract these flying singers to the garden.

These bird houses are the best solution to bring life to your garden. Merry, singing and colorful, birds are an attraction for any garden. Most importantly, the presence of birds in your garden, greatly reduces the number of insects and pests, and so the garden will be healthier and cheerful.

How do you choose the best bird houses, and which are the best materials to make them if you are a DIY fan?

Choose natural materials with no specific smell, use nails and screws, and never use glue or other adhesive solutions that will put birds on the run. Leave the bird houses with the natural colors of the materials they are made of. Never use shade or chemical dyes (acrylic or oil) because the smell and intense color scare the birds. Birds prefer discrete places, and a construction designed for them must be as close as possible to their natural environment between tree branches. Best materials: natural cardboard, wood, canes, straw and mold.

You can also make a feeding place attached to these bird houses, because it will make the birds more cheerful and happier.

In the summer, you can place small pools of water in the garden for the dredging of the birds. You can use an old tire sided with a plastic foil. Fill it with rain water and let the birds play in the water.

You can watch the below video to start building your own natural birdhouse:

Image Credits: Woodesigns.4web2refer


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