Natural Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Wasps In Your Garden

We all enjoy warm weather but not the insects that appear with it, especially wasps. They are such a bad company for your garden and not only. Except the fact that they can attack you, it can be very dangerous for those with allergies to wasp sting. So, you definitely have to get rid of wasps, and this can be possible with chemical treatments or certain natural solution, which I suggest you to use, because they are environmental-friendly and non-toxic.

Grow wasp-repellent plants
Plant in your garden wasp repellent plants to get rid of wasps, such as mint, citronella or eucalyptus. It will definitely send them away.

Get rid of wasps with mint oil
Many insects “are afraid” of mint or peppermint oil, so you can use it wisely.
Even if you have mint in your garden you can spray mint oil or leave mint tea bags soaked in mint oil in different areas around your house.

You can use this method especially in the area where the little ones play in the yard.
Apply mint oil over the place where you had a wasp nest, because they tend to come back to their former home.

Repellent solution to get rid of wasps
Mix lemongrass oil and cloves oil with some water and dishwashing detergent.
Put this mixture in a spray bottle and sprinkle over the places wasps usually appear.

Get rid of wasps with a sweet trap
Cut in half a plastic bottle and put the narrow side inside the other half.
Pour water with sugar, juice, beer, vinegar or liquid soap, doesn’t matter the combination you want to do.
They will come back through the wide side of the bottle, but they won’t be able to get out, remaining captive.
Surely this sweet trap will lure other insects that bother you when you drink your tea / coffee in the garden.

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