How To Protect Potted Plants From Winter Frost

No matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to deposit all the potted plants inside the house? See which are the most sensitive ones, bring them indoors and let the most resistant out.

Apply a layer of mulch

The mulch prevents soil freezing and maintains the optimal humidity inside the pot. Apply a generous layer of mulch on the pot surface. If you have enough space, you can place on top and a layer of dried leaves. Avoid using plastic wrap because it doesn’t allow air to circulate, and your plants will rot.

Place your pots in a sheltered area

Place your pots in an area protected from the winter wind. It is also advisable to place the plants very close to each other. In this way they protect each other against frost. It is advisable to position them on a terrace, under a bench or under the roof. Place the sensitive ones in the middle and the most resistant ones on the edges.

Cover the pots to protect them from frost

Cover your pots in fabric or in cardboard. This will prevent soil freezing and plant roots will be protected.

Water the plants only in the morning

In winter the plants should be watered occasionally, only on the days when the temperature drops below freezing. Water them only in the morning, when the sun rays will protect your plants against frost.


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