How To Protect Your Cherry Trees From Bird Attack

Birds love cherries. And the sweeter they are, the greater the number of birds visiting your cherry trees will be. That might bother you. Here’s a simple solution:

1. Birds attack (especially the starlings) on the cherry trees can be very upsetting.

2. It seems that the scarecrows are the only solution. The classic ones, made of two squinting sticks and a shirt over them often prove to be ineffective, especially in calm days with no breeze.

3. The scarecrow with CDs is a very simple and smart solution.

4. 5-8 CDs, connected with a string and strategically placed on the cherry tree crown have impressive effects.

How they act

1. The smallest breeze causes the CD movement and hence the dispersal of bright reflections.

2. The dispersal of bright reflections will discourage the birds to land in the tree, and those already landed can’t withstand the stress and will run away.

3. You can use any type of CD. It seems that the cheapest ones, that have both sides reflective, are the most effective.


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