How To Use Unscented Soap As An Excellent Insecticide

Even if it sounds strange, it is true: the soap can be used against many garden pests. It is probably one of the oldest pesticide, is simply to use, cheap and incomparably environmentally harmful than conventional insecticides.

How to prepare

1. Use pure soap (homemade) or cheap soap, unscented.
2. Grate two tablespoons of flakes.
3. Mix the soap flakes with 1 liter of water and stir well to dissolve.
4. The liquid is sprayed directly on the plants attacked by aphids or other insects.
5. The recipe is very effective, especially in the case of soft-bodied insects.


Don’t use detergent instead of soap!

Don’t exceed the soap concentration as you may damage the plant!
If you use the spray containers that came from cosmetics, rinse them thoroughly before using!


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