12 amazing pieces of rustic wood furniture

Wood is a perennial topic when talking about houses, outbuildings, furniture, interior accessories etc. Affordable, friendly and easy to handle, wood brings nature closer to us in our homes. No matter where we place it, wood makes us friendly and cheerful. We will now focus on the rustic wooden furniture which, besides the fact that it is easy to process, will bring a touch of originality and elegance in any house.

The options are numerous, but we have focused only on those that, aesthetically, have surpassed the other homemade furniture products.

The log can get a more elegant look, like this chair in the image below, or take the form of a chair with backrest, with the same rustic look. A sunbed is ideally outside or indoor, if you have the log with the proper length. A rocking chair is a handy option, too.

Glass and wood – an ideal combination for an original final product. Glass appears to potentiate the aesthetic qualities of wood, as we see in the pictures below: 2 coffee tables, simple but full of elegance.

From one single log you can build two mini-libraries you can easily place in any corner of the room. With the allure of traditional African statues, these pieces will bring more natural beauty in your home.

A bathroom visually focused around the logs – simple, yet so spectacular! Wood and mirror that enhances the natural light creates an image full of harmony which relaxes your eyes.

A bed of logs is an option for those who want to make their own furniture made of roundwood. Loghomelinks.com site provides practical details about how to create it.
The bed can be built on the 4-4-4 system: you need 4 vigorous logs that will shape the bedposts, another 4 logs that will shape the frameworks and 4 logs that will bind the two sections.
Other logs will bind the 2 wooden frames at the end of the bed. Beams will be used for the lower side, where the mattress will be placed. Before you build, write everything down, to know exactly where you must drill the holes.


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