5 Easy Steps To Repot An Orchid

If you’ve had an orchid for a couple years and it’s still in the pot it came in, you must know the roots are rotting. Don’t feel bad! It happens to all of us. The solution is to repot the orchid in a fresh new pot. And don’t worry, it’s easy. Here’s how.

1. First, gently remove all the old media. Take your time, you don’t wanna break off the good roots.

2. Now’s also a good time to give the plant a good rinse to clean it off.

3. Now all you have to do is put the clean plant into the new pot and gently pour in the new media.

Pots: Orchid roots need air, so whatever pot you use, make sure it has plenty of holes in it.

Media: Different orchids like different mixes. In general, the thicker the root, the bigger you want the chunks to be.

4. If you like to water a lot, use a fast-draining mix of things like bark, stone, Perlite, and charcoal. An orchid in a mix like this will be much less prone to rot, but will need to be watered every day or two.
Never, ever plant an orchid in standard houseplant potting soil.

In the right environment, an orchid will thrive clinging to the bark of a tree with no one looking after it. You don’t have to buy the fancy stuff to grow a happy orchid – you just have to pay attention to what you’ve got.

5. When you’re done with the repotting, give the orchid a good, thorough soak, making sure all the media is very wet. Then leave it alone and let it dry out before watering again. This should inspire the roots to go looking for water and grow into the pot.


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