How To Stop Snakes Nesting Under The Porch And Force Them To Leave

Snakes are considered pests due to human fear towards them. In reality, they are not quite so. They feast on small pests that are attacking your crops, like moles, mice and slugs. But this frightening reptile has to be banished quickly, especially when you find it under the porch!

God! It scared the hell out of me when I got outside the house last week and saw something crawling under the porch. I froze to death, literally! I could’ve think of any other pesky pest, but not snakes!

I know that most North American snakes are non-venomous and they are actually good pests for the garden, but I can’t stand the idea of living near snakes.

Anyway, I decided to call animal control to get rid of the colony living under my porch!
For me, this was the best option in getting rid of snakes, because I’m too scared to deal with them all by myself. However, there are several ways in keeping snakes at a distance from your house or making them go away for good and never come back.


Using a snake trap is an effective option you can use to get rid of snakes from under the porch. Snakes have the characteristic of being alert both day and night; therefore, set the trap during the day and leave it overnight. The most important thing is ensuring to frequently check the trap and relocating the snake immediately once it is trapped. For best results, use multiple traps and place it on all entry points that are likely to be used by the snakes to get under your porch.

Since snakes are carnivorous animals, use baits that can easily lure them into the trap.


Snake repellents have a good chance of preventing the reptiles from entering your property perimeter. They are not ultra effective, but at least it will prevent snakes from getting on your property.
Snake repellents like mothball flakes, powders and sprays can be found in most stores, including Walmart. Ultra sonic emitters are also an option because it keeps these animals away.

Landscaping Tricks

By creating a less favorable environment in your yard, snakes won’t find food and they will eventually leave.

  • Clean up the yard of tall grass and dead leaf and trim the bushy shrubs.
  • Remove snake food – snakes eat moles, voles, mice, rats, crickets, slugs and a whole range of insects, so try to get rid of them in the first place.
  • Take care of hidden puddles – since snakes love damp areas, you should take care of these hidden corners by removing any stagnant water in your yard.

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