Why Is Your Orchid Losing Buds?

As a plant lover, I’ve choose to decorate my house with flowers, more precisely, orchids! But when your orchid triggers a new blooming you’ll start performing the happy dance.
On the other hand, when the orchid buds instead of blooming they wilt and fall, you start wondering what’s wrong with them.

Why do orchid buds dry and fall?

1. Well-developed floral buds, 1-3 days before flowering, have a parchment look, they will get dehydrated, and the petiole turns red from green.
2. Slowly it will become more obvious that the orchid buds will be aborted.
3. This phenomenon is a bit strange when it happens for middle-buds, while the blooming buds are unaffected.

Why is this bud-drop phenomenon happening?

1. The orchid aborts the buds, most of the time, due to a thermal shock.
2. If you expose the orchid to temperatures below 50 ° F, the plant will abort the buds for sure, and it will keep only the blooming and less developed buds.
3. This tiny accident appears when you buy orchids in winter, because the way from the store to the car can be fatal for certain parts of the buds. As an advice, cover the orchid with a cardboard when you transplant it.
4. An equally dangerous situation is also when, in order to ventilate the room where orchids are kept during winter, you open the window in the vicinity of the orchid. Temperature variations are fatal for any orchid specie.

Other threatening situations for orchid blooming

1. Too much or less watering.
2. Moving the plant in a dark place or in direct sunlight.
3. Excess fertilization during blooming.


Once blossoming is triggered, you will ensure that the plant is shock-free, regardless its type: temperature, light or nutrition.


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