Cacti Zone: How To Encourage Cactus To Bloom

I love cacti very much because these plants are easy-to-care for and don’t need much water. But what I love the most about cacti is when they start to bloom. Sometimes, I can’t believe how these beautiful flowers can bloom from a spiky stick. Anyhow, I just found out how to trigger a new blooming in cacti, and I want to share this experience with you.

Basic rules to help your cacti bloom

1. The optimal temperature for cacti during winter is 50 ° F. If cacti don’t receive 2-3 months of coolness, well, there’s no chance for them to bloom.

2. The best place in the house for potted cacti is near a south-facing window. In the Southern area the plants will receive enough light during winter, and if there’s no radiator under the window the air will be cooler which is amazing for cacti development and blooming.

3. In winter, cacti should be water rarely, like once a month. The thirstier they get out of winter the better, because they will crave for blooming.

4. Cactus must be transplanted in February-March, yearly or at least once every two years, using a special soil blend for cacti and fatty plants.

Important – after transplantation the plant shouldn’t be watered for two weeks.

5. Cacti is fertilized only between March and June, using a special cacti fertilizer or a heavily diluted one with low-nitrogen and high phosphorus and potassium ratio. Caution: Abundant fertilization inhibits blooming!

6. During spring and summer cacti must receive the whole light and heat in the world. The pots should be positioned in full sunlight and possibly rotated from time to time for maximum sunlight exposure.

7. From spring to autumn, cacti must be more generous, but respecting a few important rules. Cactus is watered when the soil at the surface of the pot is dried 3 cm from the surface. Pour water until the pot plate starts to fill up. (The excess water in the pot plate must be drained!)

Correct cacti watering must mimic dessert rain that create short streams and are quickly absorbed in the ground.

A little secret

1. Some cacti species and varieties bloom when they are mature enough, this means after many years.
2. When buying a cactus, try to purchase it already bloomed to make sure you won’t wait years to achieve this colorful joy.


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