How To Grow Avocado In Containers

Avocado is very appreciated as a fruit for its remarkable benefits, but an Avocado tree indoors is the most beautiful plant you can grow. Why? Because it grows fast and doesn’t have very high care demands. In its natural environment, an avocado tree reaches up to 20 meters, but indoors won’t grow more than 2 meters, so you don’t have to worry about not having where to keep it.

Avocado leafs are elongated and very glossy, while the flowers are incredibly beautiful, about 1.5 cent in diameter and have a yellow-greenish shade.


Avocado is multiply in seeds. After removing the stick from the fruit, clean it with a brush and immerse it in warm water for several hours until its peel is soaked. After the time passes, insert about 1 centimeter into the ground or place it in a narrow glass where the water covers a quarter of the pot. If you don’t have a narrow glass, you can catch the seed in 4 toothpicks and keep it at the surface of a glass full of water.

If you place it in the soil, the seed will burst in about 30 days, while in the glass of water, it will rush to grow in just two to three weeks. The drums in the glass will be transplanted into a pot of earth after it rises.

The plant needs a soil that drains well (sandy) because it doesn’t support excessive humidity.

Light and temperature

The avocado tree needs a lot of light to develop in an optimal way, so it would be good to be positioned at a window with plenty of sun.

The plant requires high temperatures, since originally it grows in tropical climate countries. If during the hot season the plant can stay outdoors in direct sunlight, it would be a good idea, that during winter to place it near a radiator and eventually install a plant-specific UV lamp near it.


Avocado is a herb that tolerates the lack of water even in the hot season, but it’s still recommended to wipe it regularly, especially if you want to later dig it and harvest it.

In the summer you can wet it once every 5 to 6 days, but winter watering should be rarely. In the cold season you can water the plant every 10 to 12 days, and then add small amounts of water.


During the first year, the avocado tree must be fertilized every two months. After the first year, the plant can be fertilized once every 3-4 months with a product that has higher amounts of nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium.

The fertilizer will help the plant grow better, to be more resistant and have healthier leaves and flowers.


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