Important Care Tips To Have Blooming Geraniums All Summer Long

If you want to have blooming geraniums all summer long, then, here you will find the secret for healthy and eye-catching geraniums. Assuring them the comfort they need is the first step you can take. Last summer, i went visiting my grandma, and i was mesmerized about her geranium garden. I mean, the entire house was covered with geraniums, falling into a small garden. And here is her secret!

Soil, very important for geranium growth

Geraniums need a nutrient-rich soil. If you have not changed the soil for a long time, now is the time to do it. Change it with a mixture made of: earth, leaf, garden, and sand in equal proportions. A simpler option is to buy a special geranium soil from the specialist stores.

Position the geranium in a sunny place

Geraniums adore the sun, so place the pots in a sunny place. You don’t have to worry about them on the hot summer days. Geraniums handle well hot weather, but you have to wipe them daily.

Ensure their daily watering

Geranium need regular watering. They should be watered early in the morning before the sun rises, or at night, at sunset. Make sure however that you don’t add too much water because you risk over-watering them.

Careful! Water must be at room temperature. Don’t add water directly from the tap because the temperature variations can lead to plant’s death.

Image Credits: Ithacaflowershop


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