How To Prepare Houseplants For Spring

Spring cleaning can have beneficial effects over the apartment plants. Clean windows allow better access to sunlight, but plants need more attention. Here are the most important tips for spring cleaning of apartment plants.

Dust deposits and minerals on plants and on their pots affect the health and appearance of spring plants. Take care of them at least as well as you take care of your furniture, and you will enjoy their beauty when spring will come. And it’s almost here!

Dusting the leaves

Over-winter dust accumulated on the plant leaves can aggravate the photosynthesis process and thus delay the growth of spring plants. You can even take a shower of your potted plants, but it’s important to use warm water at low pressure.

Put the pot in a well-wrapped plastic bag around the plant stem, and then leave it for a few minutes.

Cleaning of mineral deposits

If you notice mineral deposits on the leaves of the plant after the shower, it’s important to clean each leaf with a dry and clean cloth while holding the bottom of the leaf with your hand.

Never expose plants in direct sunlight after the shower before being completely dry and well cleaned.

Washing the pot

The pot can have similar mineral deposits, especially on the inner edge. Excess of minerals can be toxic to plants, especially in the spring. Make sure you clean the bottom of the pot.

Earth cleansing

You can easily clean with a knife blade, the surface of the soil. This eliminates the deposits of minerals, as well as algae or lichens that grew during the winter in the upper layer of the earth and stops soil ventilation.

How to clean hairy plants and cacti

The shower is recommended for most plants with glossy leaves, but cactuses and hairy plants need a different tactic.

The simplest way to clean the cactus without stinging or hurting the plant is to spray the water on the dirty parts of the cactus. Large dust particles can also be removed with a long tweezers.

Brushes on the leaves of plants are sensitive and protect the health of the plant. Clean the hairy leaves with a soft brush or feathers. If you water the leaves even by spraying, the water between the hairs evaporates harder and the leaves can suffer.

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