Complete Care Guide To Grow Strawberries Indoors

Strawberries are fruits that can be easily grown indoors. You don’t need a big garden to eat organic strawberries, as long as you offer them the necessary light and the right soil to develop well in the pot.

When kept indoors the strawberry needs a lot of light. If you want to produce fruit without giving it artificial light, it’s important to keep it on the windowsill facing the South.

How to grow strawberries by seeds

Once you have purchased strawberry seeds, it is recommended to keep them in the freezer for two weeks. Once you have “tricked” them through the winter, you can plant the seeds in the pot soil that is kept moist and exposed to sunlight. They will germinate in 2-3 weeks.

The right lawn and strawberry care

Strawberries grow in a depth of at least 13-15 cm, with a special blend of earth. More than half of the soil should be Sphagnum peat moss, alongside the usual flower soil and enriched ground, which can be bought from the flower store.  

The plant also needs slow-release fertilizer to feed the fruits well.

Care in the first few weeks

To ensure a richer harvest, break or cut off all the fresh blooms in the first 6 weeks. The plant will use all of its energy for leaf development, and the later harvest will be richer.

Strawberries need to be watered daily until the first fruits appear, and then the watering is recommended only when the upper layer of the pot soil is dry.

Apply manure or a bimonthly fertilizer after it starts to produce fruits. Opt for organic fertilizer if you want to make sure that the fruits are completely organic.

Harvest the strawberries after they become reddish, if you haven’t grown a variety of white strawberries.  

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