4 Not-Afraid-Of-The-Dark Houseplants You Can Easily Grow In Low-Lit Places

In an apartment, the plants don’t have all the outside conditions, especially if you have houseplants craving for light. But there are still some plants that brilliantly resist not only in light, but even in the dark.

Aglaonema is a plant admired due to its highly decorative colorful leaves, but also due to its exceptional quality in resisting successfully even in very low-lit rooms. That’s why it’s also called the “plant of darkness.” That’s why you can carelessly keep it in a windowless lobby, for example.

It is advisable, however, that the room where is kept to be warm enough. The soil must be damp during summer and drier during the cold season.

Aspidistra is another very resistant plant and very low-lit lover. The plant is also called “The rooster” because of its purple flowers. It develops well in shady places, and can’t stand direct sunlight.

Spathiphyllum, also known as the Lily of Peace, is also a plant that is not afraid of darkness. It needs strong light only if you want your plant to bloom. Avoid, however to place it in direct sunlight during the summer, as it can burn its leaves.
It doesn’t need frequent watering, it has the ability to store water in the tuber, so thick and fleshy leaves can keep their appearance for a long time.

Sanseviera, is a well-known houseplant, but also a great toxins remover plant for office’s. It’s not demanding and, as a result, is easy to maintain. It has flat, sharp leaves, like swords and tolerates darkness or artificial light, resisting well even at low temperatures. In addition, it needs less watering, so if you forget about it, there’s not a problem.

Image Credits: Getbusygardening


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