4 Extremely Helpful Tips To Grow And Care For A Bonsai

Bonsai is the art of plant miniaturization, so any plant can become a bonsai if it can take a smaller form than normal and can last for years in a pot. This form of art first appeared in China where it was called pun-say. So, after the plant has reached the bonsai level, it’s good to respect certain care rules so that it can live tens, even hundreds of years.

1.The bonsai’s need for light

Bonsai needs as much light as possible to grow properly. Therefore, it is advisable to position the pot as close as possible to the window to allow the plant to receive light throughout the day. You can also use artificial light, but in this case you have to remember to turn the bonsai after 12-18 hours to help it grow evenly and maintain its shape.

2. Watering the bonsai

Watering is a delicate stage in bonsai development. It’s recommended that the plant to be watered using a sprinkler, so you can imitate a fine rain. Another method of watering is to put the bonsai pot in a water container. Both excessive watering and lack of water can destroy the plant, so pay more attention to this aspect of the bonsai care process.

3. Resizing the bonsai

You can choose to resize bonsai during re-potting or in winter. Trimming branches of bonsai helps you give it the desired shape and, in addition, help the branches and strain to thicken, becoming stronger.

4. Bonsai replanting

To keep it healthy for as long as possible, it’s advisable to replant the bonsai after every two or three years. The month you are making this process varies depending on the species of bonsai, but most of them are replanted between March and May. In this sense, all you have to do is remove the bonsai from the ground and cut it about a third of the length of the roots so that the plant remains small. In addition, you can cut a few leaves of the crown to create a balance.

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