How To Provide Optimal Conditions To Grow Orchids At The Office

Just as growing them at home, you can lighten up your office with orchids too. That’s right, you might actually be surprised how well orchids could thrive in your office. Since I introduced orchids in my office everything changed. The ambiance is calmer, the fragrance is relaxing and you can never get tired of watching these flower bloom. Thus, if you want to know how orchids can thrive in an office environment, keep reading. It is not difficult if you know just some simple rules. With this article, you will learn how to provide optimal conditions to grow orchids at the office.

1. Look out for the best sun exposure

The main thing an orchid needs is the sun exposure. However, this is not really the most accessible thing in an office, most of them have tiny windows. But, if you find the right spot of a south-facing window, your orchids will thrive beautifully. They need their light, even a partial sunlight each day will be highly beneficial.

2. You could also choose artificial light

Offices that have artificial light might also provide optimal conditions for your orchids to thrive. The best artificial lights you should use are the spectrum bulbs. These will emit a white light that mimics the natural sunlight which your orchids will take full advantage of.

3. Consider the right temperature

Temperature is also very important. Orchids will thrive especially well in a humid, warm climate. However, this is not quite the usual environment in an office. However, if you can find space close to a heater on the wall, things might just work out just fine. Furthermore, don’t forget to also place a bowl with water near to provide the regular infusions of warm, moist air orchids need to grow.

4. You will also need a proper air circulation

Thus, another beneficial factor in orchids growth is the air circulation. This is actually the easiest to achieve because most offices now have fans and air conditioners. Thus, make sure you always have a good air circulation system to encourage orchid growth.


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