Maintain A Beautiful Indoor Orchid With This Homemade Potting Mix

It can be hard to maintain your indoor orchid beautiful and radiant. It is not the most low maintenance plant so i can understand your struggles. However, you should know that the best way to keep your orchid always beautiful is repotting it. It is a crucial key to maintaining this plant always blooming and thriving. Most orchids cannot thrive is just a regular potting soil. Hence, how about we make our own? Keep reading and see how to maintain your indoor orchid beautiful and healthy with a homemade potting mix.

1. The main ingredient you will need is the coconut husk chips. Rinse them very well a day before you want to repot your orchid. This is very important because the coconut husk chips contain a high amount of salt residues. Thus, they need to be thoroughly rinsed.

2. Then, start mixing 2 parts of coconut husk chips with 1 part charcoal, and 1 part perlite. You could also include other materials in this potting mix. However, I find that this mixture works incredibly well with most indoor orchids as a general potting mix. Next, you should soak the mixture overnight so it can absorb the water.

3. Next, you can now start sanitizing the work surfaces and tools you will be using. This is important before repotting because you don’t want them to cause any damage to your plant. You can sanitize them simply soaking them in rubbing alcohol, making sure you completely wipe the excess off. Then let them dry before proceeding further.

4. And now it begins. Start removing the orchid from its container. Proceed carefully, making sure you cut the dead roots off. Then, rinse the roots with room temperature water until you can see them clear as day. It will also help identify if there are any damaged roots you need to get rid of. Then, place the orchid in its new container so that the roots begin about an inch from the top of the container.

5. Lastly, get rid of any excess water from the coconut husk chip mixture by squeezing gently. Then, start filling the spaces around the roots. When the container is full, make sure you are watering the plant to help the coconut husk chip mixture settle into place.


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