How To Easily Grow Dendrobium Nobile Orchids Indoors

The Noble Dendrobium is a beautiful houseplant to grow because it provides an impressive display of flowers from late winter to early summer. So, you can imagine that it has become one of the most popular orchids to grow as a decorative plant indoors. However, growing this member of the family Orchidaceae is not that easy, I will admit. There are a lot of things to consider, especially if you are starting to grow from cutting. But, do not despair. This article will touch upon anything you should know to easily grown Noble Dendrobium orchids indoors. Keep reading and check out the best tips and tricks I know will work.

First off, you should know that the Noble Dendrobium produces single blossoms or groups of flowers on short spikes. Then, these spikes will emerge from the nodes along the stem. When you notice the flowers fading, you can start clipping the spikes with clean shears. Now, let’s get into the process:

1. Cutting the stem

Make sure you select one stem of 1 foot long and snip it off the parent plant. Then, cut it into sections with three to four nodes each.

2. Preparing the tray for roots

Preparing the tray for roots involves in spreading a layer of sphagnum moss, pebbles, or bark. Then, soak the moss in water until it is completely wet. Next, make sure the water is able to drain from the medium and spread it in an even layer in the tray. Then, place the stem on top of the medium and mist gently with water. Lastly, cover the tray with plastic wrap to ensure that the humidity is in and high. Now you can place the tray in a dark and warm location.

3. Take care of the stem cutting

The tray with the roots should always have a temperature of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you are misting the cuttings regularly to be constantly moist, but avoid to not waterlogged them. Then, you should lightly mist the cutting with a water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer every two weeks for the first two months. Continue doing this until the cuttings develop leaves and roots.

4. Plant the roots in pots

Now that you have the new shoots and roots, it is time to plant them in pots. Thus, gently cut the stem between the plantlets using sterilized pruners. This type of orchid will prefer smaller pots but you should always use a loose orchid medium of bark. Again, soak the medium until it is completely moist and plant the new plantlet with the old stem standing upright and the shoots to the side.

5. How to properly care for your orchid

The Noble Dendrobium orchid will need a bright location with day temperatures of 65 to 75 F. Then, start watering the plant when the medium is nearly dry. The best way is giving the orchid a bath in the sink. Simply add water until it drains from the pot. In the case of a small orchid, you should do this twice weekly, and for larger plants only once per week. Another thing to know is maintaining the high humidity. Thus, make sure you don’t place the plant near heating and air conditioning ducts. Instead, use a cool steam humidifier in the room for a good air circulation.


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