How To Divide Orchids To Spark A Healthy New Growth

When you split the orchid into one or even more parts, it means you are recurring to the propagation method. An important method because it can help spark a healthy new growth for your orchid. Thus, if you want to plant fresh parts of orchid in porous potting materials, you need to learn how to split it. Hence, keep reading because this is what this article is all about. You will find some tips and tricks to easily learn how to split orchids to spark a healthy new growth.

1. First off, you need to cut through the rhizome with a clean razor blade just before the growth period in spring. This is very important to keep in mind because timing is everything. Then, leave at least three leafy pseudobulbs and one dormant bud per section. That way, you will make sure that you will have a healthy flowering next season.

2. Don’t worry about the leafless pseudobulbs with no dormant buds, you don’t need. Hence, you can pick them out and throw them away.

3. Next step would be to cut the fresh pseudobulb.

4. Now, you can place the sphagnum moss and the tree bark chips in the pot without holes in the bottom. Then, start pouring boiling water into the pot so you can disinfect and dampen the mixture. Before draining, make sure that the materials are completely cooled off. Then, move them into the orchid pots.

5. After filling your pots with moistened bark and sphagnum moss, you can now put each fresh pseudobulb in a separate pot.

6. Lastly, make sure your fresh pseudobulbs are having enough light shade. Then, mist them at least twice a day to provide and also increase the humidity. In about three months, you should already notice new growth for the bulbs. This means it is time for fresh potting material.


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