How To Keep Spiders Away From Your Yard With Lavender

I know they look terrifying but spiders are actually very beneficial to have in your garden. They are quite responsible for recycling plant debris and will act as the best natural predator to undesirable pests. However, there are some people who would like to keep them away from their yard. This is mostly due to the fact that in time they could get on your terrace, ending eventually in your house. Thus, if you don’t want to have spiders creeping around your yard or your terrace, keep reading. I have found the best way to keep spiders away from your yard using lavender.

1. Make yourself a lavender oil spray

This is the easiest way to keep spiders away because it consists in making a spray that will also smell terrific. Thus, check out the instructions:

– pour 10 drops of lavender essential oil into a clean spray bottle.
– what I like to also mix in are another few essential oils that I love. Thus, you could also mix in 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, 10 drops of lemon essential oil and 10 drops of orange essential oil.
– then, fill the bottle with 1/2 cup of citrus castile soap and water.
– secure the bottle tightly and then shake it gently for several seconds.

There you have it, your own spray to deter spider. To use this, make sure you spray the mixture onto known areas with spiders, you will notice that most of them are windowsills, crevices or dark corners.

2. You could also easily make some lavender sachets

This is the best option for people who cannot handle the strong smell of the previous homemade spray. Thus, if you want something more toned down but still effective, lavender sachets are for you. They might also be more effective because you can place them in many other places making sure the spider won’t be creeping around.

– start off by cutting the lavender blooms from the plant.
– make sure you have a big bundle that can fill your hands.
– then, proceed wrapping the bottom of the lavender bundle with a rubber band. That way, you will keep the bundle tightly together.
– next, hang the bundle in a dark area for about a week so it can completely dry.
– when the time is up, take off the rubber band and start chopping the dried lavender into tiny pieces using a knife.
– lastly, fill some fabric sachets with this chopped dried lavender and place them in areas where spiders are showing up.


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