The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets With Natural Ingredients

In my opinion, yellow jackets are the most aggressive and very dangerous insects. Maybe I am a little subjective after a bad experience, but when I see them building huge nests on the ground, I don’t think twice. Thus, I am always using natural solutions to try deterring them. These unpleasant pests will really invade your space like nothing else. Hence, if you don’t want them to buzz around your food while enjoying outdoors, this article is for you. Keep reading and see the best ways to get rid of yellow jackets with natural ingredients.

1. Homemade dish soap solution

As simple as this sounds, as effective as it is. Simply mix together in a bucket 10 tablespoons of your dish soap and water. The best time to act is at nighttime but not before wearing a protective gear. Hence, prevent being stung by wearing gloves, long pants, and a long-sleeve t-shirt, cap, and glasses. For this, you will need to empty the mixture into the nest. Hence, you could use a watering hose, to make things easier and also to steer as away as possible from the nest.

2. Make your own simple traps

This is another easy and accessible method, making your own traps.

The best trap is using an old plastic soda bottle. Unscrew the cap and then cut it in half. Pour 2-3 inches worth of sweet liquid into the base piece and make sure there is space between the liquid and the cap opening. This liquid can be almost anything that it’s sweet such as apple juice or soda. Then, add a few squirts of dish soap to it and mix well. All you have to do now is place the plastic soda upside down in the larger piece. The two pieces should fit together.

3. Try this homemade natural insecticide against yellow jackets

You could also make a quite an effective insecticide to get rid of yellow jackets. The most effective way to get rid of yellow jacket wasps is to use an insecticide. The best for me was peppermint oil, simply mix a heavy amount in a spray bottle with water. The best time to spray this would be late at night and keep your 10 feet distance and your protective gear on.


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