6 Fast And Effective Tricks To Get Rid Of Ants In Your House

Regardless the season, ants are walking all over your house? You should do something about it, because this means that they have their home…in your own home, and this is not very pleasant.

So, follow these steps to quickly remove them.

Step 1: Get rid of the crumbs and water

The first thing you have to do is watch from where ants come into your house, and hide the foods that attracts ants. Never, but never leave breadcrumbs on the table or water in the sink…because ants love crumbs and water. Clean up the kitchen table after eating, and you can broom the kitchen a bit.

Step 2: Move the garbage away from your home

A lot of people keep their trash bin in the house (usually under the sink). A very dangerous thing in my opinion, because that is a bacteria and germ environment, and you should never keep it in your home. And, it’s also an ant and cockroach magnet. If you have a house, keep it in the backyard as afar as possible from your house, and if you live in an apartment, then you should keep the garbage on the balcony.

Step 3: Pack the food

When you open a bag of flour, wheat, corn, etc., after use, seal the pack with food foil. You will prevent those annoying ants and other insects to invade your kitchen or pantry.

Step 4: Plug the holes

If you figure out which are the holes that ants come in, you’d better clog them off. The less toxic solution is silicone.

Step 5: Spread hot pepper powder

If you have kids, it is normal to make sure you don’t use toxic substances. But you can get rid of ants with natural insecticides: hot pepper powder. Equally effective are the dried mint leaves. Spread these “ingredients” through the house entrance. Ants will detect the smell and they will stay away.

Step 6: Prepare your natural insecticides

Here are some recipes with which you can keep your ants away from your home.
– Pour a teaspoon of boric acid into 74 ml of honey and warm until the boric acid dissolves. Pour the solution into a pipette and mix it with a water pipette, then pour into the places where you usually see ants, for two weeks, and ants will disappear.
– Put in the blender the peel from one orange with water and spray the solution where you see the ants.

Image Credits: Offthegridnews


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