The Complete Guide To Grow Beautiful, Blooming Roses In The Garden

Right under the rays of the March sun, roses wake up to life and wait for their first care. Shorten the old branches and add fertilizer at the root, to grow vigorously beautiful roses.

In the early spring, roses need to be cut, if you want to have beautiful May roses in your garden. Wait to see the first red rose buds on the twigs and get a sharp scissors. Remove diseased, dry or blackened branches from winter frost. Cut the thin branches and leave the most vigorous, on which new flowers will grow.

How to cut roses correctly:

– Cut the stems two centimeters below the diseased part and check to have a white and healthy marrow;
– Leave four or five buds on each branch and cut the rest;
– Each cut is made 10 mm above the last bud or sprout;
– The sprout should be oriented towards the outside of the plant;
– The cut must be oblique to create a 45 ° angle with the root.

REMEMBER! You should leave only the old and thick branches to climbing roses, because only on these branches new flowers will develop.

Rich and slightly acidic soil
Roses need a very rich soil in nutrients to be bloomed all summer long. Dig the soil around the roots and add a gradual release fertilizer in the form of beads or sticks. If you want to use liquid fertilizer, add the nourishing substances to the water, once every three or four weeks.

REMEMBER! Buy special fertilizers for roses and follow the instructions on the packaging.

Plant new roses

– Prepare a pit of half a meter wide and mix the dug ground with muck.
– Cut the thick roots to 15-20 cm, and the thin ones, a few centimeters from the ground, and soak them in a mixture of soil, water and manure.
– Plant the rose in a loose soil layer, water it with plenty of water, and gather the rest of the soil like an anthill around it. The thin branches are removed, and the thick ones should be shorten to the fourth or fifth bud.

Image Credits: Roseshopflowers


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