Non-Lethal Ways To Get Rid Of Chipmunks From Your Property

Let’s face it! Chipmunks are some adorable rodents, but like any other rodent they do a lot of damage in your house and garden. As much as you want them around, you can’t keep them because of the mess they cause. To get rid of chipmunks, without hurting them, you just have to try the following tips:

1. Chipmunks are afraid of noises. So, you can scare chipmunks by placing in your yard various objects looking like their enemy: an owl or a hawk, and some sounds imitating and owl. They will definitely run away from your yard.
2. Predators urine such as coyote and bobcat urine which you can find it on online stores. Apply this urine scent from place to place, and they won’t touch your yard. Remember to reapply this scent from time to time, because rain washes the scent away.
3. Moth balls are also very effective in getting rid of chipmunks. Place a few moth balls around your garden to keep them away.
4. Another option to get rid of chipmunks is to fence your property with a wired net or concrete fence.
5. Cayenne pepper powder is another remedy that will keep chipmunks away. Sprinkle cayenne powder in chipmunks holes and they will run away because of the intense scent of cayenne pepper.

Image Credits: Bugspray


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