How To Get Rid Of Voles In Your Yard And Garden Without Poisoning

Voles are those little field mice that eat the roots of plants and crops, and they also dig some tunnels throughout the yard. Use the following tricks to stop them from damaging your yard.

1. Cayenne pepper
Prepare a solution made from 1 cup of cayenne pepper boiled in water. Spray this solution on plants, especially on the root of the plants. Also, you can pour this solution inside the holes they create.

2. Mouse traps
This is the best and the quickest solution, but is not very humane because you have to kill the little rodent. Put inside of the mouse a small piece of raw potato and wait for the voles to come.

Or you can DIY a mouse trap, less lethal, by cutting in half a plastic bottle, put a piece of raw potato inside the bottle. Place the above half upside down in the other half. This way the vole will be able to get in for the bait but won’t be able to come out.

3. Build a fence around your garden or crops. Keep in mind that these little rodents dig, and you have to bury the fence for about 1 foot down.

4. Castor oil
This oil is a non-lethal remedy that keeps voles at distance. Just mix in equal parts water and castor oil, and spray it around vole favorite areas.

5. Owl
Fake owls are the scariest pest repellent ever. They are great for all sort of pests, so, you should invest in one of these, maybe 2 or 3. Place them around your garden and it will keep voles away.

6. Garlic
Is the best repellent you can use to get rid of voles. Plant garlic around the plants you want to protect and these little rodents will keep away because of the garlic smell.

Image Credits: BND


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