How To Plant Your Own Fruit Trees In 9 Easy Steps

It is impossible not to be tempted to walk in your own garden and to pick an apple or a handful of cherries from your own tree. So, learn to plant your own fruit trees to enjoy the taste of organic fruits.

Follow the steps below and remember that the best planting period is October and November.

1. Start by digging deep holes of about 50 cm in depth and about 60 cm in width. You can dig the holes, even with a week before planting.
2. It is time to chop the root of the tree because you will remove the broken roots and you’ll shorten the long extremities.
3. Now is the time to create a mixture called “mud”, and for this you’ll need some fresh dung cattle, water and earth. Make sure that each branch of the root is covered with this mixture.
4. When you plant the tree, you have to keep in mind the depth it grew up in the nursery. You can ask the seller if you haven’t bought the tree already, or you can tell it yourself according to the grafting point. When planting the tree, make sure this point is 2 cm above ground level.

When the roots of the tree are in the pit you’ve dug, plow the earth to cover the gap. Using your heels, you can pull the ground to level it.
6. Fermented manure is ideal when planting the tree. After that, you can use about 15 liters of water to wet it.
7. Avoid adding chemical fertilizers because you’ll damage the tree and its future fruits.
8. When you plan to plant more trees, be careful that the distance between the dugouts is at least 5 meters.
9. If the tree you plant doesn’t have a thick stem, you can help it by putting a pointer near the root. This is done before planting and it can also help when you want the tree to grow straight.

Image Credits: DIYnetwork


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