How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In The Garden Using Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

Quiet and warm summer nights can often be ruined by those annoying mosquitoes that “attack” you behind your back. So, keep them away from your family and garden to enjoy those beautiful summer evenings.

1. Any standing water, no matter how small the plash is, it will be the perfect nest for laying mosquitoes. Although it may seem impossible to keep the yard dry without any small rainfall plashes, try to fill the spaces between the tiles or to level the ground where water can gather. In addition, don’t randomly leave buckets or other objects where water can collect. If you have a pool in the yard, clean it as often as possible to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

2. Of course, chemicals are available to anyone and act as a true insect exterminator, especially those based on smoke. But it’s advisable to call to a professional team to complete this action.

3. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes in an environmentally friendly manner, so that you don’t fill the entire garden with chemicals, you can resort to planting flowers that have are mosquito repellent, such as Citronella, cat mint, lemon grass, rosemary and marigold. All have the role in keeping mosquitoes away. In addition, they contribute to beautify the garden. To keep away mosquitoes from the porch you can use scented candles or essential oils.

4. Last but not least, you can use some ultrasonic devices against insects or even anti-mosquito bulbs, perfect for the outside. They can be a bit expensive, but it’s worth investing in them to get rid of mosquito bites. You can find such devices on Amazon.

Or you can DIY mosquitoes trap like in the below video-tutorial:

Image Credits: Sciencenewsforstudents


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