How To Grow Your Own Garlic – The Best Natural Antibiotic

Are you a gardener and you have a beautiful garden? Then you have no excuse to plant the best natural antibiotic in your garden. First of all, planting garlic in your garden brings a bunch of benefits…you’ll grow natural antibiotic and you’ll have one of the tastiest spices for your foods.

For planting choose healthy, well-dried garlic cloves. The planting depth is 5-8 centimeters, and the recommended distance between every clove is 4-10 cm. Until maturation, the garlic must be loosened and weeding. The loosening should be done on the surface rather than deep, not to destroy the roots. Once it has grown, you must water often the garlic, especially during spring if it’s not raining.

To protect the garlic from pests, keep the cloves in a solution made from 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 liter of water.

Garlic can be harvested in spring, for fresh consumption or in autumn for winter storage. Harvesting is done in dry weather, and the garlic heads are left to dry in the air for several days.

Image Credits: Newlifeonahomestead


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