Chemical-Free Solutions To Get Rid Of Aphids In Your Garden

Plant lice are a real pain! Because it ruin the flowers and can kill the plants I decided to give the best advice to help you get rid of aphids.

Aphids are green-gray or black, being very small and live in colonies on the back of the leaves, on the tips of the shoots and on the stems. They appear in May-June when they suck the sap of plants, stopping their development, and sometimes they can kill younger plants.

The leaves attacked by aphids are deformed, they become yellow, and you can actually see on the dorsal side of the leaves the aphid colony. They leave a sticky paste that chokes the leaf.

Here are the most popular methods, other than chemical ones, that can help you to get rid of aphids:

Washing the plants with a powerful water flow will remove the aphids and kill them. The method isn’t very effective, but if you use at the beginning of aphids appearance is very useful.

Spray a solution made from water and homemade soap. Grate a piece of homemade soap and let it dissolve in water. You need 3 tablespoons of grated soap to 1 liter of water. Spay half of this solution in the first day, and the other half, the next day.

Planting thyme and lavender bushes close to roses prevents them from aphids, because the odor of these plants will kill the aphids.

Thyme or lavender infusion sprayed on the affected plants is also very effective, but the effects will appear after 2 or 3 uses.

Spray water mixed with rubbing alcohol (one part alcohol, two parts water). This solution will kill eggs and small larvae and is among the best treatments that will remove aphids after the first use. For guaranteed effect, apply this treatment every 2 days for a week.

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