Tips And Tricks To Have A Beautiful Garden All Year Long

You can have a beautiful garden all year long if you take into account these simple steps that you will strictly have to respect each season.

Use treatments and fertilizers on time
Each plant has its specific needs to grow and resist during the summer. Many plants have to be sprinkled with different substances, but this becomes a difficult thing to do when you have a big garden.

Keep the soil loose
At least once a month, dig the garden with a splinter to keep the soil loose. Plants need a healthy and airy soil, especially during the summer, when the dry periods make the soil hard and crumbly.

Buy the tools you need
Just as a chef needs cooking tools, and a gardener, whether amateur or professional, needs a whole range of tools to care for the garden. You don’t have to miss your garden gloves, a wheelbarrow, a spade, a shovel, a rake, and a garden scissors. If you always have the tools you need, you will feel more motivated not to leave the garden to whiter.

Water your plants daily if is needed
Most plants are made up of 90% water, so it’s essential to hydrate them properly. Water the plants every morning before the unbearable heat starts to appear, because the soil and plants can lose water by evaporation.

Get rid of the weeds in time
Weeds can become a nightmare for every amateur gardener. When they appear, get rid of them and pluck them out of the root. However, it’s unlikely that they won’t appear again in the shortest time, especially as they are more resistant to dry summer weather than the plants you have grown in the garden. The best solution is always to remove the weeds when they start to appear, because they will invade your whole garden.

The mulch is very useful in your garden
Mulch is a good way to keep the soil healthy, to keep its moisture and to give the garden a pleasant look, but it is also a very effective weapon against weeds.

Get rid of snails with beer
If you have a snail invasion, the nest solution to get rid of them is with beer. Fill an empty container, like a tray, with beer, and leave it on the ground overnight. Snails will be attracted by the smell of beer, and in the morning you’ll find them in the container, drunk. Give them beer every night until the problem of snails disappears definitively.

Image Credits: Arcticgardens


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