10 Gardening Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

These are considered to be the most common gardening mistakes. In one way or another, every gardener made them at some point. Most of the time, we made them from lack of experience or from the desire of growing plants and crops faster.

1. Excessive watering – more water doesn’t mean that plants will feel better, on the contrary. Learn each plant needs and don’t water anything in the garden daily. The best time to water your garden and plants is when the soil is dry at the surface, ideal every two or three days.
2. Exotic plants – they really give a special look to your garden and they are eye-catching, but first do your homework and see if the soil from your garden is the best for them to grow. Sometimes they grow vigorously in the garden, but at some point they start to whiter.
3. Unsuitable climate – Depending on the climate, you need to know when to plant each flower in the garden.
4. Excessive fertilization – just like in the case of water, soil fertilization should be done carefully, depending on the needs of each plant.
5. Invasive plants – When you inform about what you want to plant in the garden, see on what surface the plant will stretch to maturity, so as not to have surprises. Some plants can grow more than the space allocated, so it’s good to know in advance.
6. Obsessive planting – You don’t have to make an obsession with every new plant you hear and suggest to have it in your garden or in your pot. It’s expensive, it requires a lot of time to care for, but also it needs a lot of space.
7. Destroying insects – not all insects in the garden are harmful, so you need to know what is good for your plants. Some bigger insects eat the small ones, making them good pests.
8. Agglomeration – don’t over-agglomerate the garden, because the plants need air and space, as well as light. Even if it seems hard to believe, plants can be stressed, and their clutter may be a reason.
9. Neglecting weeds – don’t forget to get rid of the weeds between the flowers, whether you’re doing it using a glove or other gardening hacks.
10. New seeds in old soil – if you add a layer of soil over the old weeds it doesn’t mean they won’t find a way to the surface. Be careful to get rid of their root too, and fertilize the soil again before planting another flower.

Image Credits: Gardenaura


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