Tricky Tips To Get Rid Of Crickets In Your Home

We have to admit: sometimes crickets can be pretty cute. But your opinion may change when you find that your plants, furniture or your favorite clothes are damaged. How do you realize that there is a cricket in your house? It’s simple. You’re guiding after that strange noise its making. It is impossible that at night not to start “singing” with its beautiful insect voice.

To get rid of crickets, first of all you have to locate it after the noise its making.

1. Catch the cricket with bait – this easy method is most effective, especially for those who are at the corners and cracks.
Put a few teaspoons of molasses in a small bowl, and fill it with water to half. Crickets will adore this mixture and will jump into this bowl when they smell it. Empty the bowl frequently.
The cricket bait is usually found in specialized stores and it has almost the same uses. If you use it, make sure that your family and pets won’t stay close to it because it is a toxic substance.

2. Place traps
Glue traps are a great way to catch crickets. Being non-toxic, it doesn’t jeopardize your children or pets, because they might be allergic to insecticides.
Place traps in the places you think crickets are, such as walls, windows or doors. The possibility that crickets will fall into your trap is even greater as it’s closer to a source of heat or humidity.

3. Use insecticides for cockroaches
Such insecticides are very effective. You can choose from a broad-spectrum of insecticide, but you can also choose a special insecticide for crickets. Spread around the corners, cracks, along the window sill and in other places where you noticed that the little ones are walking around. Be careful when using such insecticides because they are toxic and can irritate your skin.

4. Get rids of cricket eggs – crickets can place eggs inside your house and thus, instead of a single cricket, you’ll have a whole colony that will be even harder to remove.
Try to suck the infested area with a vacuum cleaner that has a special filter. This way you’ll vacuum the eggs from carpets and other places. Then throw the sucked contents into a sealed plastic bag.
Most sprays used for crickets have an effect on their eggs. Use the spray along the smooth areas, where the crickets use their eggs.

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