Top 12 Gardening Hacks To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Moles From Your Garden

Moles are a real problem for any gardener. Even if these small animals don’t nibble the roots of the plants because they are carnivores, they destroy the roots of plants, especially to the young plants. Not to mention that the dig under the earth, creating galleries, and that molehills they create on earth surface.

To get rid of moles you can use different methods, most of them used in organic gardening.

1. The ultrasonic device will put the mole on the run, because this blind animal has a highly developed auditory sense, just like the olfactory one. The device is environmentally friendly but it’s not very cheap.
2. Naphthalene poisoning introduced into the galleries – the strong smell of these pills will send moles away.
3. Oil cloth pieces soaked in oil – as naphthalene poising will send moles away because of the repugnant smell.
4. Bird guano: fill half a bucket with bird guano then add water, and after a few minutes pour the solution into moles galleries.
5. Fresh fir branches that are stick into the molehill, and the odor will send moles away.
6. Castor oil diluted in water is very useful to get rid of the insects and small animals that attract moles. Without food, moles will leave.
7. Different flowers such as Fritillaria imperialis or Euphorbia lathyris, have a strong odor that send moles away. But beware! The last plant is toxic and can cause skin burns just by touching it. Use rubber gloves!
8. Lavender flowers (fresh) – Their strong fragrance will stop moles from finding food, as I said above they have a strong smell.
9. Bottle trap: take an empty plastic bottle and burry it half in the ground, creating a small angle in the direction where the wind blows usually, so when the wind blows will make a sound that will spread through the bottle and it will scare the mole.
10. A wooden stack trap just like in the below image.

11. Metal stack trap (concrete cups, for example), which is stick into the ground exactly in the mole gallery, and put a cut beer can on top of the stack. When the wind blows, the vibrations are transmitted in the gallery and it will send the mole away.
12. Rat poisoning – is not recommended because it causes the death of poor animals.

Image Credits: Repellex


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