How To Revive A Dying Plant

You’ve just forgot to water the plant or it just began to wilt for no reason? Don’t come to terms with the idea that you’ve just lost it! You can save it with a few simple tricks. Here’s what to do!

Remove the dead leaves

The first step you need to do is removing all the dead leaves. Before cutting or tearing the leaves, check if there are green shoots at the base of stalks and avoid cutting them because new leaves will grow from there.

Change the pot and soil

The next step is changing the pot and the soil. Buy a new pot and wash it thoroughly before adding the soil; this way you will destroy all the potential germs that can harm the plant. Make sure you buy a soil type specific to your plant.

Check the stems and roots

Before repotting the plant, check carefully the stem and root.

The branches or stems that look wilted or dried should be removed.

Remove the soil from the plant roots and rinse them carefully. Check the roots and remove the dried ones.

Repot the plant and ensure its water needs. Leave it to recover, making regular basis watering.

Provide the nutrients your plant needs

Just like we do, plants need nutrients for proper growth. Provide the nutrients your plant needs by adding fertilizer to your soil (choose one specific for your plant).


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