5 Cute Plants That Can Ruin Your Garden

They are beautiful, gorgeous, and will delight everybody. However, some plants, no matter how beautiful they are, may do more harm than good to your garden. See what flowers you should beware when decorating a garden:

Hibiscus trionum

It’s a shrub from the Rosaceae family that grows vertically, reaching maturity at 2.5-3 meters. Its seeds are easily dispersed by wind, and the plant tends to monopolize the entire garden. Hibiscus trionum is easy to maintain and is resistant to extreme conditions such as arid and barren soil.


It looks lovely when climbing the walls, but what you do not know about ivy is that it can destroy the walls that she covers quickly. This vine has aerial roots that will always prefer the gaps between bricks, and when you’ll try to pull it, you risk detaching the entire wall facade.

Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not Flower)

The Forget-Me-Not Flowers easily multiply by seed and they look great because they have blue-violet flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers disappear quickly and the plant becomes an invasive weed that will dominate a big part of the garden, choking other plants.


Pachysandra terminalis is an evergreen plant. It’s like the ivy, but lies at the root of the trees and can be used as a trimmer for gardens. The plant is beautiful because of its glossy leaves and its fragrant white flowers, but it attracts a lot of insects and destroys the soil.

Yellow Hibiscus

The plant has large yellow flowers with red funnel-shaped flower center. It is very beautiful and decorative, but it needs more water than any other plant in the garden because it’s a tropical plant. If you don’t water it properly, it will absorb all the water from the soil, which will dry out the other plants.


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