How To Make Organic Compost At Home

The compost preparation is a simple process that any gardener can do. The compost is beneficial for any garden because it improves the soil structure by favoring ventilation, helps retain water in the soil and the plants are less exposed to diseases and pests.

What stuff you can use to make compost

Materials with high nitrogen content:

– vegetable scraps
– mowed grass debris
– weeds
– manure
– coffee grounds

Materials with high carbon content:

– sawdust
– tree bark
– dry leaves
– cardboard and shredded newspaper
– ash 2-3 kg per cubic meter

What you should keep in mind when making compost

For a rapid decomposition, the ratio between carbon and nitrogen is recommended to be 30: 1. If you raise the nitrogen ratio, the decomposition will take longer.

The compost is prepared in a container (preferably wooden) which provide good aeration, otherwise bacteria will lead to decompose the waste, causing an unbearable smell.

Careful! Don’t put the following stuff in compost:

– meat and / or bones
– plastic
– glass
– metal


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