How To Grow Water Lilies In Glasses

Who doesn’t want a yard with a small pond to grow lilies in? But when you live in a small apartment this dream seems impossible! Well, not really. You can grow lilies in glass jars! See how easy it is.

You need:

– tall glasses, transparent, preferably cylindrical
– small holders for floral arrangements – can be replaced with a sponge
– dwarf water lilies (one for each glass)
– small river stones
– distilled water

Put the sponge (or the holder for floral arrangements) in the glass. Cut the water lily’s tail in the proper size and stick it in the holder. If you have a large glass, you can add more water lilies.

Cover the holder with small river stones so you can not see it through the glass. Add water. This must partially cover the leaves, but make sure the flowers remain out of the water.

Make sure that the water lilies have always about the same water level.


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