How To Use Wood Ash As Fertilizer In Your Garden

Although it may seem strange, the ash resulted from wood burning is a good fertilizer for any garden. Ash is an excellent source of calcium, potassium and phosphorus and balances the acidity level of the soil.

How to make wood ash at home

You can make ash very simply by burning the wood. Careful! Use natural wood, not painted or varnished wood because it contains chemicals that can affect plant growth.
You can get a large amount of ash in winter from the stove or fireplace. Collect the ash in a metal container. Store the container in a place with less humidity as possible.

When to use wood ash in the garden

In gardens with sandy soil, the ash is applied in spring around the plants already grown.

How much ash to apply

Ash is applied around crops, but in small quantities. After application, cover it with a layer of soil and water the area to help eliminate substances in the soil.

Thus, for vegetable seedling will be used 2 tablespoons of ash. The exceptions are the zucchini and cucumbers which need 2-2.5 tablespoons of ash and potatoes which need 8 tablespoons of ash.

Around strawberry, raspberry or blackberry bushes will be used 8-11 tablespoons of ashes and 17-25 tablespoons of ash around trees, depending on their size.


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