How To Get Rid Of Aphids From Roses – The Pest That Steals The Scent Of Roses

Aphids in various stages. Attacking and damaging:

1. They prefer roses specifically and sometimes raspberry and currant.

2. The aphids colonize the top shoots, flower buds and under the leaves areas.

3. The attacked leaves will twist, then they turn yellow and die.

4. Shoots stop growing and floral buds bloom later.

5. The resulted flowers are of poor quality and fragrance free.

6. Pest poop contain sugars that are highly appreciated by ants. Therefore, ants start protecting the aphids, and sometimes they carry them to the healthy branches.

7. When it is not eaten by ants, the Capnodium salicinum fungus starts growing on the aphid’s poop – a black mucus will occur on the leaves surface.

How it can be prevented:

1. Keeping roses in a state of good health will give them a higher resistance to pests.

2. Clean and burn the affected branches, rake the leaves and other debris from around the plant and destroy the compost by burning it.

3. Limiting pest’s biological reserve will severely limit the attack intensity in the next year.

How to combat with bio methods:

1. Planting lavender in the vicinity of roses will reduce aphid attack.

2. In small gardens with not too many roses, aphids can be removed by hand – crush them using your fingers.

3. Protect the ladybugs in the garden, which are high consumers of aphids.

4. Earwigs are also predators of aphids.

5. Spraying coke over the aphids sometimes give good results.

6. Spraying soap and pepper over the roses can also remove aphids.


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