How To Get Rid Of Garden Slugs With Eco Solutions

Slugs are not a pleasant presence in the garden. Here are some things that will make them understand that they are not welcome around your plants:

1. Dig in plastic cups filled with milk up to the ground level near the plant that you want to protect. Slugs will choose milk instead of plant!

2. You can also use beer Instead of milk.

3. An irresistible combination for slugs is beer mixed with wheat flour.

4. In order to protect the plants from pots, sprinkle sawdust around the plant.

5. Another very effective barrier against slugs is the sprinkling of pine needles, sand, crushed eggshells, salt or bran around the plants.

6. Equally effective is the hair resulted after combing. Just place it around the plants.

Tip: Milk and beer traps are by far the best eco ways to stop slugs from eating your strawberries.


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